29 January 2012

Intimate details

Taking these shots was mostly practice. I was not even thinking about posting them here. You can probably imagine the reason for that. Because, yes... there is a lot of skin involved. But then again, they are subtile images...

It was just me, myself and i at these shots. A challenge to get it all right when being on your own. It is a complete new sort of photos for me, but i do like the way they turned out. Looking forward to where this practice leads me.

25 January 2012

A portrait at the Palacio de Cristal

A portrait at the Palacio de Cristal, Madrid - Spain
The winter sun was really bright this particular day. Almost a bit too harsh... but luckily with the help of flash light i was able to capture this image. I especially like the way the tree supports the rough look of the subject and subtile alignment of the branches around his face.
A compilation of some of my favorites shots of that same day...
In the background you can see a glimpse of the Palacio de Cristal, a beautiful crystal building in the center of the Retiro park in Madrid, Spain.

23 January 2012

La Mojigata

Last Friday a friend invited me over for breakfast at this lovely place: La Mojigata. It's like eating out at your own place.
It's an adorable, tiny restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is only room for about 17 people, so yes it's tiny. But that makes it such a very welcoming place.
The bread, cakes and muffins are all home made. As almost everything else. They serve a wide variety of teas and a delicious coffee. Did i already told you that the place is adorable?
On Sundays they serve a late breakfast/early lunch, also known as brunch. That's what my family and i went for the sunday after i discovered this cute, little restaurant. They also do workshops, like learning how to bake your own muffins.
Natalia and Natalia started this place less than a year ago. They treat you like you are a guest at their home and even think about your dog if you have one.
La Mojigata is really close to the famous and touristic Plaza de Santa Ana. It's located at Calle Lope de Vega, 7 - Madrid, Spain. Please check out there website for opening hours and some more information.

I am definitely going back here. Not only for the food and joy, but also because it is such a lovely to take photos of.

21 January 2012

Palacio de Cristal - Madrid

One day when wondering around in the Retiro park in Madrid i came across this beautiful image of a very friendly man reading his newspaper.

reading the news at the Palacio de Cristal...

As my purpose of that particular day was to photograph the Palacio de Cristal in a variety of settings i kindly asked if he would mind to have his picture taken. He completely made my day when he simply agreed. 

Although in general i mostly feel comfortable around people i don't know, asking a complete stranger to take his picture... Let's just say that it is one of my biggest challenges within photography.

What is your biggest challenge?