15 February 2012

Don Flamenco

When wandering around Madrid's city center - Calle Leon to be exact - i saw this store full of Spanish sentiment and culture. Don Flamenco, a tiny shoe shop dedicated to nothing more but Flamenco shoes. Once inside i met with this crafts man, that would just be perfect for some business/crafts related portraiture shooting. We talked and agreed upon meeting again with my camera at hand.
Don Flamenco - Madrid
And that is how i ended up with these lovely shots full of Spanish culture. In this shop the final touches are given to the dancing shoes. The production takes place in another location half an hour outside of Madrid. Maybe one day i will have the change to go there and shoot some more shoe loveliness.

For those who want to visit the store in person, i'll leave you with their details:
Don Flamenco
fabricacion artesanal
C/ Leon, 17
28014  Madrid

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