02 February 2012

What story do you want to tell?

The other day whilst looking for a good portrait i realized something that for most photographers is crystal clear: a snapshot is not the same as a picture taken with a purpose. Although it might be obvious what i am sharing here, i do think it is an interesting story. Take a look at both pictures...
Same guy, more or less taken at the same age 
(not even a year difference between both photos).
What are these photos telling you?

To me it looks as if there is a huge age difference between the left photo and the right. At the left, the model looks innocent and young. At the right he looks adult and convincing. Mind you, there's less than a year difference between the photos taken.

A lot of this has to do with the viewpoint i used for shooting the model. The picture at the left is taken from above. The picture at the right a bit from below. But besides viewpoint, the environment and clothing are also very important for capturing the right image.

Both portraits belong to my (and the model's) favorites. However they do not completely meet the demands for what he and i were looking for. That's why i decided to do a shoot dedicated to what the portrait is needed for. Taking into account the story that needs to be told and the image we want to communicate.

I will be sharing the new photos soon.

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