21 March 2012

Spring has appeared on the calender

Spring is a lovely time to take out your camera and capture the sheer joy of nature blossoming.
That's what i did last year. And i'm sure i will be capturing a lot more spring images this year.

The look of all the blossoms in the trees...
The smell...
The colors...

It's all so fresh and new!

Hope you will all enjoy these feelings and take moment to capture some of these refreshing images.
Let's meet here any time soon for some more spring images.

17 March 2012

Colorful you

As told in an earlier blogpost i had a beautiful woman in front of my camera last week. She changed her outfit several times. And with every outfit i found myself with the same beautiful person, but a bit different at the same time.
The scarf gave her this extra sassy look. Just looking through my camera i saw her beauty grow. Right there and then.
Stunning i tell you! And that is a mom of two beautiful kids...
But most of all she is a beautiful and colorful person. Just like you and me, captured with lots of love.

Thanks for sharing some studio time together!

14 March 2012

A real woman...

... and so beautiful. When i went into the studio with this lovely woman i was almost surprised she has never been asked to be a model before.
It was great to work with her and capture her beauty. Maybe even capture her in a way she has never seen herself before. We all have that familiar mirror image in our head, including myself. And at times i do not really recognize the woman on the camera screen when somebody takes my picture.
Same thing happened to my model, but i can only say... "i love how she looks, beautiful... just the way she is".

She changed outfits several times and i will show some of these shots later on. Hope you all enjoyed the shoot thus far.