28 April 2012

Pretty in pink

Natural light in combination with my 50mm 1.4 prime lens and a model like this makes my heart melt over and over again.

Trust me, you don't need a fancy studio for a shot like this. Have a look around your home and find a window with interesting, indirect light. Position your subject near the window and look for those catchlights in your subject's eyes. Just have a second look at what your own surroundings offer you. I am sure you too can find interesting light around you.

No editing, really!

Enjoy the search!

21 April 2012

A diva...

Natural light combined with a beautiful little girl surrounded by a bunch of feathers. It makes my heart skip a beat.

15 April 2012

Interesting locations

One of the challenges we face as a photographer is finding interesting surroundings for a shoot. We would probably all love to have the most beautiful garden with blooming flowers and lovely trees within reach. However for lots of us that is not a possibility. What we we can do is, try and find locations that do work. 

Think about something simple as a brick wall, it might look uninteresting when you walk by, but the repetition of elements and lines created by the wall might just be what you are looking for. Or... you can have a look at a nearby industrial site. Large doors, interesting structures, aged and stained walls... You might just find it all there.

You will need to ask permission to enter the premises. And you are most likely not to enter in all sites, just don't give up until you have found your spot. It is going to be worth it.
In this case i was lucky to be on the right spot, with the right elements... a beautiful woman, a lovely car and an interesting industrial site.

What would your favorite location look like?

12 April 2012

Color or black and white photography?

Some people have a clear preference for black and white or color photography. For me it all depends on what story you want to tell.

In this case i really prefer the black and white version of the photo. But if this would be an advertisement for leather bags the customer would probably opt for the color version.

The color version of the photo shows a bit more detail in the leather bag and not unimportant it shows its color. Duh! you might say, but sometimes just for the love of the proper image we might go for the black and white version. And by doing so simple forget that the publishing company might want to show some color too.

So, whenever presenting your images to your customer think about what story they want to tell and/or see. Even better if not the most important thing before starting your shoot, reassure yourself you understand what message needs to be told. Color, but also viewpoints, the expression on your models face, the environment where you will take the shot, etc... It is all part of the picture.

08 April 2012

Guide me on my way

Sometimes the road ahead is not always as clear as we would like it to be. How great is it to be able to count on friends and family to be your safety net. The same feeling that big old teddy bear gives us. And sometimes the only thing we need is nothing more than some time alone with that exact same teddy bear.

How about you?