12 April 2012

Color or black and white photography?

Some people have a clear preference for black and white or color photography. For me it all depends on what story you want to tell.

In this case i really prefer the black and white version of the photo. But if this would be an advertisement for leather bags the customer would probably opt for the color version.

The color version of the photo shows a bit more detail in the leather bag and not unimportant it shows its color. Duh! you might say, but sometimes just for the love of the proper image we might go for the black and white version. And by doing so simple forget that the publishing company might want to show some color too.

So, whenever presenting your images to your customer think about what story they want to tell and/or see. Even better if not the most important thing before starting your shoot, reassure yourself you understand what message needs to be told. Color, but also viewpoints, the expression on your models face, the environment where you will take the shot, etc... It is all part of the picture.

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