18 May 2012

Get to know my speed light (1)

Right after finishing my Professional Photography classes at EFTI i started a intensive course on how to use your speed lights (off camera flashes). As i normally tend to get the best out of the available light, using a flash has not been my favorite way of shooting. This might change though after this class...
Both of these photos have been shot at full daylight (within the time frame of 10 to 12 in the morning) and with use of one or several speed lights.
This last photo really was a result of great teamwork. There was one person holding a speed light for the kicker light seen at the left of the photo, another holding another speed light that was bounced back towards the model by a reflector - hold by another person and last but not least another person in the back holding a speed light covered with a blue filter, creating that blue-ish, night like atmosphere.

Remember, both photos have been shot at a bright and sunny morning.
I see some potential in these speed lights.
Soon i will show you some examples of the male model that was present that same morning.

For those who aren't able to attend EFTI classes, you might be interested in the Creative Live class on SpeedLights 101 with Mark Wallace.

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