04 May 2012

Paris in Madrid

One day browsing through Pinterest i came across an interesting image with a girl and a bicycle. I pinned it onto my photography inspiration board. For inspiration, and then one day i saw this bridge in Madrid and remembered my good looking friend has a cute bike herself.

femme fatale...

Lucky me, she always in for a fun photo shoot. So one afternoon i loaded my car with flowers, clothing and some vintage suitcases and headed to her place. Ready to recreate a bit of Paris in the middle of Madrid.

Pretty in Paris...

She got dressed, we took the bike and all the props and headed to this old bridge that was near to her home. Although it doesn't look crowded we did have to work around quit a lot of people enjoying their afternoon walk.

Marvelous in Madrid...

Days (and shoots) like these really make my day! I am sure i will be coming back to this place. It has so much potential for lovely images. Do you know of a special place that could really rock your pictures? Go there, bring some props and have lots of fun!

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