29 June 2012

A wonder is growing...

Being pregnant is experiencing a wonder up close and personal. I remember very well that with my first i found it such a strange idea that there was a little human being inside of me. Truth to be told, i regularly thought of the movie "Aliens".
Now years later, my two little ones are almost 5 and 9 years old, i dream of my own big belly when i see friends experiencing that same wonder. How it felt, that little person moving around, my body steadily growing, my belly button popping out (it never got to its normal self after number two)...

Happy to now experience this wonder through my lens.

22 June 2012

My own wonder keeps growing

And i love to be able to capture lovely moments like this.

15 June 2012

A beautiful belly

So blessed to capture images like this. Isn't she just plain gorgeous?

She has this glow over her that belongs to pregnant women. Only 2 months left and then a new baby wonder comes to the world.

Until then enjoy the journey! Thank you for sharing the experience with me and my camera.

08 June 2012

In the fields...

It almost looks as if we went to a wide open field, but nothing is less true. This photo is shot in the Retiro park in the city centre of Madrid, at a tiny spot where i found just about a 10m2 piece of high grass. Just enough to simulate that fresh sunny open field.

Due to the very limited space i was not able to change my point of view too much as it would reveal the fact we were in this tiny field with a fence around us...

Even though you think your surroundings aren't that interesting, try to look in a different way. Get a bit closer, move around, move some stuff around (if possible), it will all help to avoid uninteresting elements and change a simple spot in a magical place in no-time.

Just try!

01 June 2012

Just one more rose...

... just because it is pretty.

And yes it truly is a rose. Isn't it remarkable how different an object can seem when seen from really close by?